Springfield Family Has 100 Gallons Of Oil Mistakenly Pumped Into Basement

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A Springfield family says 100 gallons of heating oil was pumped into their basement. The only problem: The Lanzillo family does not use oil to heat their home.

With the smell of oil still lingering in the air at her home, one local woman said her biggest wish is that everything would just return to normal.

Tina Lanzillo, who also lives in the home, said the oil came into the house through out-of-use oil pipes, displacing them for two nights. In addition to the physical damage this mishap has caused, Tina pointed out that the emotional toll has been significant.

“This brought back a lot of the suffering, the trauma that we went through,” she said. The Lanzillo family lost their home to a tornado back in 2011 and were displaced from their home for about a year.

The video below shows a similar story because of a similar problem.

The outdated pipe on the outside of the home was part of the confusion. The fire department says these mishaps are more common than you would think. It's important to remove old delivery pipes or clearly mark them if your home is no longer heated by oil.

Meanwhile, the Lanzillo family has a go fund me page to help with repair and replacement.

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