Something New For Sure, A New Haircut On The Wedding Day

Portrait of young attractive brunette with short hair in a wedding dress. She is standing at the white walls, free space on the right. Joyful bride.

Photo: Getty Images

Brides have found an exciting way to get their “something new” for their wedding. Some newlyweds are taking a break between their ceremony and reception to have their hair cut, which adds a wow factor when they return to the party. They’re going viral on TikTok for the chops and the hashtag #weddinghaircut has racked up 29.7 million TikTok views, showing just how popular the trend is.

Olivia Lopez is one of the brides who recently opted for a mid-wedding haircut. When the 26-year-old was choosing a look to go with the white sequined jumpsuit she planned to wear to her post-wedding party, she found TikTok videos of brides getting the pre-reception chop and she immediately knew that’s what she wanted to do. “I don’t really do anything crazy or dramatic — it was out of my comfort zone,” Lopez explains, adding that she’s always had her hair long and felt she “needed that little push to do it for something so special.”

After seeing the hair chop trend on TikTok, bride Delanie Speeler was in, opting to have her long, wavy dark hair dramatically changed to a buzz cut before her reception. Leah Anderson got in on the trend as well, the bride ducked in for her haircut during the cocktail hour at her reception. “What better day to chop off 16 inches than on my wedding day,” she says. Anderson was thrilled with the outcome, but her favorite part was seeing everyone’s reactions to her “bold” second look. The bride says, “I love that I have those surprised faces as part of my wedding memories.”

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