School Nurse Saves Parent From Bleeding Out

School nurse examining patient

Photo: Getty Images

A school nurse in Georgia is being hailed a hero for saving the life of a parent who was bleeding out. Carla Hardy, the school nurse at Adairsville Elementary in Bartow County, Georgia, is being called a hero for coming to the aid of a parent recently. She was alerted that a parent on campus was bleeding profusely from their vein.

Hardy had just undergone specialized training at Piedmont Cartersville Medical Center earlier this year, so she knew exactly how to handle the situation. She rushed to the parent and using a stop bleed kit was able to stop the parent from bleeding out until paramedics arrived. “I am very proud of the Stop the Bleed training provided by Piedmont Hospital in August,” says the nurse. “The parent was a little less anxious during the transfer to the hospital.”

The responding paramedics commented on the excellent job that Hardy did in applying the stop the bleed device. And later Bartow County School took to social media to praise the nurse. They called her a “quiet hero” and said they were thankful for her and her life-saving efforts.

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