Home Depot Worker Finds And Return Envelope Full Of Cash

The Home Depot Store

Photo: Getty Images

Employees at a Home Depot help return an envelope full of money to its rightful owner. Adam Adkisson was working at the Home Depot in Bellevue, Tennessee, when he discovered an envelope sitting on a shelf in the store. At first he thought it might be empty, but when he picked it up, he realized it had around $700 cash inside. He immediately handed the envelope off to a manager.

That night, closing manager Alissa Rocchi saw that no one had claimed the envelope, so she posted on social media hoping the person who lost the money might see the post. But she was careful not to give too much information, so only the owner of the envelope would be able to identify it. Luckily, the partner of the man who lost the envelope saw the post and responded. The man was able to accurately describe the appearance of the envelope and what was scribbled on it.

The owner of the money, Jonathan Clayton, was grateful that his partner happened to see the post about the found money and he was appreciative of the staff at Home Depot. He says he was planning on using the money to buy gifts for his kids for Christmas and to show his gratitude, he personally thanked Adam and left a small gift for him at the store. Rocchi says they were just sticking to their company’s principles. “One of our core values says to do the right thing,” she explains. “That is just us living our core values.”

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