This Couple Started "Food Trucks Against Homelessness"

Document: Getty Images

The nonprofit Food Trucks Against Homelessness is helping feed and clothe people in need in Colorado Springs. In 2021, Tracey Porter and her wife Marcy Langlois recognized the impact that the economy was having on everyone and especially the homeless community. So they started Food Trucks Against Homelessness as a way to help provide for the most needy in their community.

Every Monday morning, they partner with local businesses and individuals and gather in the parking lot of a local social services charity to distribute food, winter clothing, and other personal items to up to 100 people in need. Often they will partner with a local food truck to provide meals in an arrangement Porter says is good for the people they serve as well as the local businesses.

Since starting Food Trucks Against Homelessness, Porter says they’ve served over 6-thousand meals. And the need for what they provide is only increasing. “We're seeing new faces definitely all the time,” Porter says. “We need to be out there, and we need to connect with all human beings so that we can all help each other.”

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