Her Ex Boyfriend Charged Her For Lunch

Woman unhappy amount of the invoice

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A woman has detailed the moment she received an email from her boyfriend with a $3.23 invoice for the banana and a “piece of toast” she ate at his mum’s place.

Maddy Blythe, from Canada, has started an amusing series on TikTok about “men are weird with money” after her awkward encounter with her now ex-boyfriend, who works in finance.

“He said, ‘Well you ate that, so you owe me and my mum money.’ This man was deada** trying to charge me for a banana and a piece of Wonderbread.

And I paid it. I gave him the $3.23.”

People in the comments could not believe the man’s “petty” move, and asked why the woman would accept this kind of behaviour for three years. Maddy explained that she would never put up with that type of thing now, but when she was younger, she did not realise this was out of the ordinary.
“I just want to clarify, I would never stand for this sh*t anymore, but I did for three years.
“I dug into my emails, and found what a typical monthly Excel spreadsheet would look like. He would send me one of these a month, he was nice enough to colour code it.
“At the bottom of this would be the totals of everything that I owed.”

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