Christmas Cards May Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

Cropped Hand Holding Christmas Cards With Text Over Turquoise Background

Photo: Getty Images

It's Christmas card season and you've probably already received a few cards in the mail. But you may also start to notice that you're not getting as many as you used to. If data from the U.S. Postal Service is any indication, you're probably getting fewer cards each year, and it's not because friends and family aren't thinking of you (although that's one possibility). The Postal Service has seen a sharp decline in the amount of mail over the years. But here are some other reasons why you might not get so many cards this year.

  • Cards are getting expensive, between $2 and $4 each. And then the cost of a postage stamp on top of that.
  • People are busy and can't find the time to send out cards. 
  • People are going paperless and prefer to text or email their holiday greetings.
  • People are just getting sick and tired of how commercialized Christmas has become so they're scaling back on cards and gifts. 
  • You also should understand that if you've stopped sending cards, you'll stop receiving cards.

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