Company In The Netherlands Gives Every Employee A Month Of Groceries

Grocery cart full of bags of groceries

Photo: Getty Images

An employer in The Netherlands is buying a month’s worth of groceries for all 100 of his employees as a Christmas gift. Instead of holiday bonuses this year, Joris Toonders, owner of the Dutch Internet marketing company Yonego, handed his more than 100 employees a folder, a shopping bag, and a large envelope.

At first the employees were confused, but then it was explained to them that they could put all their receipts from the supermarket, bakery and butcher for the month of December into the envelope and they would be reimbursed for the full amount. One of the lucky employees says that at first there was total silence. “Then people started clapping,” they recall. “I think I’ve said thank you a thousand times.”

When asked if there were any limitations on the purchases, Toonders says that he expects his employees to not take advantage of the gift. "I don't know what people normally do for groceries and whether they're going to buy something extra, but I trust my colleagues," he says. "You have to trust your colleagues and they have to feel that way too."

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