Neighborhood Makes Massachusetts 5 Year-Old's Christmas Wish Come True

Christmas House - Hugo Court, Narre Warren, Melbourne

Photo: Getty Images

A Massachusetts community comes together to put up holiday decorations at the home of a five-year-old with multiple health problems. Nev Del Corazon was born with a heart defect and had her first surgery when she was one week old. Not long after that, she was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and also received a pacemaker and a G-Tube for supplemental feeding.

At five-years-old, she’s been through a lot, so when her family moved to a new home in suburban Boston and Nev noticed their neighbor’s houses were decorated and theirs wasn’t, her mom Desire Montano wanted to do something about it. Like a lot of families, money is tight now, so Montano turned to social media asking for used lights and decorations to decorate their home.

Neighbor Kori Stephens saw the post and immediately set off to make sure Nev got what she wanted. "I just thought used stuff wasn't going to be enough,” Stephens says. “We need to do more for this little girl and make it really special," So she went to the local Home Depot and manager Erik Soel donated lights and decorations for the project. Volunteers put up an over-the-top holiday light display at Nev’s house and her family was blown away by the support from their neighbors. "I am really thankful that these people care about people that are not in their family," Montano says. "It's beyond that, it's a community."

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