Friendly School Crossing Guard Gets Huge Thank You For Christmas

Elementary students cross street with help from crossing guard

Photo: Getty Images

A school crossing guard in Arizona is surprised when an appreciative family helps raise over $25-hundred for him. Rain or shine, in the cold or blazing heat, Walter Spano greets students and their families as the crossing guard for Payne Junior High School in suburban Phoenix. In the last two school years, one family took note of the kindness of the man who helps keep their daughter safe day in and day out and they decided to do something to show their appreciation.

Mark and Lisa Schneider walk their daughter, Ava, to school every day and always stop and have a chat with Walter, who Mark describes as having “an undeniable positive attitude.” Through those conversations, they learned that Walter hasn’t been able to see his son in over three years and has never met his granddaughter, in part, because he can’t afford to travel to see them. The Schneiders were going to give Walter some money as a gift for the holidays, but instead decided to try and crowdfund the crossing guard a bigger gift.

The Schneider family started off the crowdfund with a $300 donation and — using social media to drum up support for the campaign — within a few days they’d raised over $25-hundred for Walter. Earlier this week, they met up with the crossing guard to give him his gift. “We just want to give you something to make your Christmas a little better,” Mark told Walter as he delivered a card along with a check for the $25-hundred. Walter was blown away by the kind gesture and had some heartfelt words about the people he meets as a crossing guard. “They start as strangers and they come, and you meet them, you have a relationship that lasts a few seconds,” Walter says. “But throughout the years it grows, and you see how it grows to love.”

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