Worker Gives Away Shoes To Homeless, Inspires Boss

Close-Up Of Shoe On Floor

Photo: Getty Images

A Minnesota store worker doesn’t hesitate to give away her shoes to a homeless man wearing boxes on his feet. Last week, Tom Agnes, manager of Brooklyn Center Liquor in Minneapolis, returned from his lunch break and noticed that his employee was working in her socks. Ta Leia Thomas, who goes by “Ace,” explained to her boss that she saw a man digging through the garbage looking for boxes he could use as shoes and she gave him the shoes off her feet.

Agnes was blown away by his employee’s kindness and immediately went and bought her a new pair of shoes to finish her work day. He then posted on social media acknowledging her kind act. "This was not just a regular old pair of shoes,” Agnes says in the post. “Ace, being a Minnesota Vikings fan, had on her favorite pair of purple Nike Air Jordans which she gave to the man with zero hesitation. This is a true example of empathy, compassion, and holiday cheer."

To show Ace how much he appreciated her compassion, Agnes raised $450 to buy her some new Jordans, but when he learned that she was caring for her mother, who needed a new bed, he gave her the money to use as she needed. He says that Ace hasn’t been with the company for very long, but of what he learned about her so far he says, “I wish I could have a dozen Aces on staff.”

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