Mom's Christmas Newsletter Includes Details Of Daughter's Divorce

Breakups are rarely easy, especially if your mom puts all the details on blast. But that’s what one single woman is dealing with after her divorce this year. In a viral TikTok video, Laura Kinney, who says she has “the most passive aggressive Southern mom in the world,” reveals that her mother shared all the dirty details of her recent divorce … in their family Christmas card.

“My mom detailed every indiscretion that my ex-husband did after he let me know that he wanted a divorce and didn’t want to work on anything,” Laura says in the clip. “She’s letting all of our friends and family know - down to the detail of the date that our divorce was finalized.”

The newly-single 30-year-old explains that her “very traditionally Southern family” mails out a Christmas card newsletter to more than 500 people every year. And this year, they’re all getting the blow-by-blow update about Laura’s split.

  • “Jake suddenly did not need nor want to be married any longer,” the card reads. “He refused all suggestions of counseling, delcared that he wanted a divorce and began ‘living as though he was single’ (to put it kindly).”
  • The mom also reveals that Laura was “blindsided and devastated,” but has since moved with her puppy into a garage studio apartment that family friends offered her “out of pity.”
  • “Her divorce became final on Sept 19,” the mom adds, “Two days before what would have been her 3-year wedding anniversary.”
  • Despite everyone on the family’s large Christmas card list now knowing all this about her, Laura seems to be handling the whole thing really well. She says, “If my trauma can bring these 500 strangers a bit of joy … then que sera sera.”

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