Try These Family New Year's Resolutions

Family sitting together in sofa with their dogs

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Now that we’re officially into 2023, lots of us are kicking off our New Year’s resolutions. For many, those include goals strictly for themselves, like exercising more and spending less. But if you’re hoping to connect with your loved ones in the coming year ahead, simple resolutions for the whole family can help.

Not sure what goals to make with your family? These family resolutions may inspire some meaningful ways to spend time together.

  • Create a family ritual - These are important to help create a feeling of belonging and security in a family. Your ritual could be anything from a weekly pizza night to watching a movie in bed as a family every Saturday morning. The point is to set up something that both parents and kids can count on and these family activities will be creating happy memories as the kids grow up.
  • Device-free days - Many of us spend way too much time on our phones and our kids could do with less screen time as well. One way for the whole family to disconnect more is to set up a day - or even just part of a day - every week that you all put down the devices and devote that time to spending with each other instead.
  • Volunteer together - Figure out a cause that you can support as a family and dedicate some time to doing that on a regular basis. It’s not only helping those in need, it promotes family bonding over a shared passion, too.
  • Take family walks - It doesn’t matter whether you go hiking, for bike rides or just a walk around the block, it’s all about carving out time to connect with your kids. And bonus - it checks the “exercise more” resolution box as well.

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