Mom Uses Video Game To Track Down Her Kid

Front view of a mother and daughter playing video games together

Photo: Getty Images

In a Facebook post, ChaCha Watson shares the high-tech way she got a hold of her daughter when the tween wouldn’t pick up the phone. The mom from Chicago was trying to reach her 11-year-old, Miracle, to help her get a head start on dinner, but when she didn’t answer, Watson tracked her down in the virtual world. The tech-savvy mom logged into Roblox, an online gaming platform, to ask Miracle to take dinner out of the freezer before she got home.

Watson has been playing the game as a way to bond with her kid and says she could see which game Miracle was playing when she signed on. It was a simulation game called “Berry Avenue” and the mom was able to get into a car with her daughter’s avatar in the game, telling her “You see me calling you!” Miracle apologized in the game and her mom told her, “Take the lasagna and garlic bread out of the freezer so I can cook it.” Watson encourages parents to try out whatever game or hobby their kids are into as a way to connect and bond, and she jokes, “just download it to tell your kids to do things.”

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