Rihanna Teaser For Big Half Time Return


Photo: Getty Images

With the NFL playoffs now underway, football fans are looking forward to February 12 and the "big game" - Super Bowl LVII. But music fans have something else to look forward to - the return of Rihanna.

The buzz has been building since the original announcement that the pop star would be the headliner for the Super Bowl halftime show - and RiRi herself has been cranking up the hype machine in advance of the big night.

Last week she dropped a little social media reminder that there's more than football going on in Arizona February 12. She also announced a new Savage X Fenty Super Bowl line ahead of the game. And Saturday she dropped one more little hint at what's in store with a teaser trailer.

In it she slowly walks towards the camera, as multiple voices are heard talking about how long the singer has been away - before she centers herself under the spotlight, puts her finger to her lips in a "hush" motion, and the title card for her halftime appearance comes up as she sings "You needed me..." Better hit the bathroom at the two-minute warning, because the halftime show is expected to be straight fire.

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