Man Gives The Boots Off His Feet To Total Stranger

Farmer's boots beside young bean plant, close-up

Photo: Getty Images

A Delaware man is caught giving the boots off his own feet to a man with no shoes. Last week, John Berl III, owner of Uncle John’s BBQ in Claymont, Delaware, saw what he describes as “the nicest thing he’s ever seen anyone do.” Berl took pics of a man giving the boots off of his feet to a homeless man barefoot out in the cold.

Berl then posted pics of the moment to social media where they got hundreds of comments and shares and over a thousand likes. Pretty soon, the good Samaritan was identified as 24-year-old Jay’Juan Jones of Wilmington.

Jones says he saw the man sitting there in the cold with bare feet, so he felt like he needed to help him. "I'm not in the best position myself, but if I can help, I can help, I don't mind,” he says. “Helping people makes me happy." He says that everyone around him has taught him to be kind and look out for others. “If you can help one person, you never know,” says Jones, “That person can take that blessing and help someone else."

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