Sister With Custody Of Three Younger Brothers Is Gifted New Car

Honda Accord

Photo: Getty Images

A young woman in Arizona stepped up to help her family in a time of need and now she’s getting a helping hand. Rachel Chavez is only 24, but she’s been raising her three younger brothers - ages 17, 15, and nine - for the last year and a half.

When her parents could no longer care for her brothers because of health and financial reasons, Rachel got legal custody of them. She wanted to provide a stable home for them, so she went to school to become a pharmacy tech, working full time to make sure her brothers have everything they need and get to school. And she’s been doing it all without a car. But that all changed for Rachel this week.

After the nonprofit Homeless Engagement Lift Partnership heard about the family’s story, they wanted to help. Thanks to a donation from Arrowhead BMW, Volvo Cars Arrowhead, and Jaguar Land Rover Arrowhead, the nonprofit gave Chavez a pristine new-to-her 2015 Honda Accord. She was moved to tears and is beyond grateful for the car, saying “I’m really excited because we’ll be able to do anything we want and I’m really looking forward to bonding with them in a new way.”

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