Toddler Rescued Using Thermal Drone

Hovering Drone, Nunavut Territory, Canada

Photo: Getty Images

Oklahoma first responders use a thermal drone to locate a missing two-year-old. On January 21st, a little boy named Levi disappeared from his home in Clinton, Oklahoma. When his family noticed he was missing, they frantically searched for him. “The way my heart dropped when I walked in and he didn’t run to me,” says the toddler’s mom.

After looking for Levi for ten minutes, the family made the decision to contact the authorities, prompting a multi-agency search effort. “You don’t want to wait around and see if maybe you’ll find him,” Levi's mom says, “I think I made the right call.”

Clinton police and firefighters were helped in the search by the Elk City Fire Department, who brought a thermal drone and began an aerial search for Levi. Within 10 minutes, the drone picked up Levi’s thermal image, about a quarter-mile from the boy's home, under a tree in some thick brush. Authorities were quickly able to get the toddler and reunite him with his grateful family.

Following the incident, the community raised money to buy the Clinton Fire Department their own thermal drone.

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