New Telemarketer Bill In New Jersey Based On Seinfeld Episode

Telemarketer robocaller scam: legislation for smartphone with gavel

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It was a brief, 15-second interaction that Jerry had with a telemarketer during a season 4 episode of "Seinfeld" that has inspired a new proposed bill in the New Jersey state legislature that would put limits on telemarketers.

The proposal — nicknamed the "Seinfeld Bill" — would require telemarketers to not only state their name and what they're selling within 30 seconds, but also the name of whom they are representing and a phone number at which to reach them.

"New Jerseyans should know who they’re talking to on the phone and what’s being sold to them by telemarketers," said said State Sen. Jon Bramnick, a Republican who proposed the bill. "My legislation requires more transparency from telemarketers and punishes those who lie and misrepresent information on sales calls. If you’re on the up and up, you should have no problem with this bill if you’re a telemarketer."

It would also require telemarketers to display their mailing address on any website that they own and operate, as well as the address of any business they represent on calls, according to Barmnick.

The bill would have to pass the full senate and state assembly before going to Gov. Phil Murphy's desk.

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