Big Game Foods Ranked Worst To Best

Hors d'oeuvres

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Sunday, February 12 is the big day for football fans and the folks at mashed have ranked the 17 most popular Super Bowl foods from worst to best. Here’s what they have come up with.

  • The Ridiculous Snack Stadium – a collection of sandwiches, guacamole, chips, and cookies built to look like a real football stadium in miniature and is the worst on this list.
  • Any football-shaped foods – these were rated as a fail by mashed.
  • Veggie platter – a tried and true oldie that most people won’t bother eating while watching the Super Bowl.
  • Nachos – since they are difficult to keep hot and crisp, these rate low on the list.
  • Queso dip – has the same problem as nachos with keeping it hot and if you are using a Crock-Pot it could lead to accidents, especially with consumers of alcoholic beverages.
  • Guacamole – even though it’s a delicious snack it turns brown during the course of a football game so it’s not an optimal choice.
  • Chili – is low in the list because it usually has beans in it and everyone knows the after-effects of those.
  • Sliders – it’s easier to just make regular burgers because the labor factor for sliders is too high.
  • Pulled pork sandwiches – these easy to prepare and taste great but be prepared for a big mess and a lot of cleanup.
  • Buffalo chicken dip – a good choice from mashed because it has the great taste of wings without the mess of bones.
  • Seven layer dip – “seven layers of magic” make this a go-to party dip that rates high on the list.
  • Hot dogs – this one is a no-brainer because hot dogs and chili are a must.
  • Cocktail meatballs – easy to consume with a toothpick, delicious and a winner in this list.
  • Pigs in a blanket – a good substitute for hot dogs and a popular choice.
  • Pizza – one of three perfect game-day foods, especially if you have it delivered.
  • Potato skins – these are tough to prepare but the flavor with bacon and sour cream is worth the effort.
  • Chicken wings – with tons of sauce varieties, these are a must-have for your Super Bowl party food offering.

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