Woman Takes To TikTok On Global Search For The Right Dress

Medium wide shot of smiling and laughing bridesmaids taking selfie in luxury hotel suite before wedding

Photo: Getty Images

A recent viral video is highlighting the power of TikTok after a Toronto-based user may have unlocked a new way to interact with followers through the app.

Last week, Charlotte Rose — also known as @second.life.studio on TikTok — took to the platform to post a video reaching out to locals in search of a specific dress.

In the 15-second video, Rose included a picture of the Paloma Wool Blossom Print dress in question, and asked users if she could find one to borrow as an alternative to buying a new dress for herself.

"Do you own this dress in a size small? I'm going to a wedding on Feb. 19 and I would love to rent it from you for one night," Rose said. "I don't want to buy anything new but I also don't love the options in a lot of the dress rental places. So if you own it [and live in Toronto] let me know."

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