Six Year-Old Petitions "The Government" For A Four Day School Week

Schoolboy at his desk doing his maths homework

Photo: Getty Images

Brodie is getting a lot of support for his proposal to shorten the school week. The six-year-old is seen in an Instagram video shared by his mom saying he’s been “dreaming” of a three-day break from school. “Hey, I’m Brodie and this is for the government and I’m protesting,” he starts.

The well-spoken young man, who says that “two days is not enough from school,” gives reasons why his request should be granted, including the fact that he needs “time to just play and go with Nay Nay and stay home.”

His mother, Jessica Kenyon, says that she fully supports Brodie’s request, but even though his petition is getting a lot of support online, “the government” hasn’t responded.

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