A Dog Food Commercial Made Zito Cry


Photo: Getty Images

Super Bowl commercials are part of the draw every year as both football fans and casual observers gather to watch what new spots will drop between the action on the gridiron. Sometimes the ads are funny or feature your favorite actor or are just about beer.

And sometimes they’re the kind of sad that will leave you sobbing on your sofa.

The Farmer’s Dog did that to viewers on Sunday evening with its commercial that shows the journey and companionship between a dog and their owner. We see a sweet little girl getting an adorable lab puppy, and that puppy growing into a dog as she hits major life milestones like getting married and having a family.

As the owner lays in bed with her husband and baby, she stroked the head of the lab as we see its perfectly grayed muzzle. The dulcet tones of “Forever” by Lee Fields play in the background as he croons, “I’ll be there.”

As a dog owner that also recently got a puppy, this wrecked me. The internet was also brought to tears.

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