Florida Man Saves Teen From Armed Kidnapping

Scared boy behind glass door

Photo: Getty Images

A good Samaritan in Florida is being praised by police for saving a teen from an armed kidnapping. On Saturday afternoon, Breanna Harden’s children were taking out the trash from their Hollywood, Florida, apartment when the kids were approached by their neighbor, 65-year-old George Rudolph Pratt, known to them as “Mr. George.”

Pratt handed water to the two youngest children and after they ran off, he grabbed the oldest child, a 13-year-old boy, by the back of his jacket and attempted to drag him into his apartment. Another neighbor, Chris, witnessed the incident and intervened, asking Pratt for a beer. Pratt released the boy and all three of them went inside Pratt’s apartment. Once inside, Chris looked in the fridge and when he turned around, Pratt had pulled a gun. The neighbor grabbed Pratt’s hand, giving the boy time to get out of the apartment, then he pushed the gun away and ran out behind the boy.

Police responded to the incident and arrested Pratt, charging him with battery and armed kidnapping and holding him on a $76-thousand bond. On Monday, Pembroke Park Police tweeted about the incident and reminded parents to “maintain awareness of your surroundings and keep your children safe.” They then added that the victim “was saved by a neighbor who totally disregarded his own safety to save the child.”

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