Nurse Saves Dog On Busy Freeway

Stray Dog

Photo: Getty Images

A nurse in California rescues a dog running on a busy freeway. On her way home after a 12-hour shift as a cardiac nurse in Glendale, Amber Streid saw traffic ahead of her on Interstate 5 slowing to a crawl. Then she saw what the hold up was: a dog running along the inside lane of the busy highway.

Other cars had pulled over and were trying to get the dog safely out of the road, so Streid rolled up to help, opening the driver-side door of her car, inviting the stray pup inside. "I looked to the left of the carpool lane and I see this little guy running at like 10 mph,” she recalls. “I just opened it and for some reason he went right in.” The other good Samaritans also trying to help applauded her for getting the pup to safety.

Back at Streid’s Northridge home with her four other rescue dogs, Streid called her veterinarian, Joan Winter, to come and check on the new pup. The vet wasn’t able to locate a microchip, but she believes that the dog, who they’re now calling Lucky Lady, was well cared for and is probably missed by her owner. Streid plans to contact local shelters in the hope of reuniting Lucky Lady with her family, but if she can’t, the pup will have a home and Streid will have a fifth rescue dog.

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