California Couple Snowed In For 18 Days Finally Rescued Thanks To Neighbor

A snowed in cabin.

Photo: Getty Images

In the aftermath of back-to-back historic snowstorms that buried communities in the San Bernardino Mountains under several feet of snow, many residents were trapped for days. Mark and Cynthia Rutledge know about this first-hand after they were snowed-in at their home for 18 days.

And the Crestline, California, couple might have been there even longer if it hadn’t been for an attentive neighbor. "Our street was just forgotten," Mark says, "And it was pretty much forgotten until our new best friend up here on the mountain, Juli, started putting things into the social media and then word spread."

That new best friend was the Rutledge’s neighbor, Juli McDermott. She’d noticed that a shed on their property had caved under the weight of the snow and brought attention to it on social media, leading to the Rutledges being rescued. Mark says before their neighbors realized they were stuck in their home, they were concerned no one would get to them. “We were desperately worried,” he says. “Almost 27 years, we’ve never seen snow this bad.”

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