World's Largest Ball Of Twine Is Moving

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Photo: Getty Images

Terri Nelson wants to make one thing clear: “It’s not the biggest ball of twine, it’s the heaviest.” At 10 feet high, 22 feet wide, and weighing more than 24k pounds, the world’s heaviest ball of twine was started back in 1979 by James Frank Kotera after he heard about another ball of twine and wanted to make a bigger one. He succeeded, but now it has to be moved.

Kotera passed away from bone cancer a few months ago, and neighbors are working to raise the money needed to move it into town before the bachelor’s property is sold. There’s a display in the Highland town hall asking for donations, and a GoFundMe has been set up to raise the $10k it’s going to take to move the ball…and the smaller ball he made for people to hold for pictures that he named “Junior.”

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