TikToker Takes Heat For Prepping Her House For "Boys Night"

Young woman cleaning dishes

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A woman shared a video of herself getting her home ready for guests and critics on social media called her out for it. The clip posted by Marina Villegas shows her cleaning, cooking and prepping her house before her husband has some friends over for a guys’ night in, noting that he called to ask if his friends from work could come over for a movie night.

In the video, which has racked up more than 16-million views, she’s seen scrubbing toilets, baking chocolate chip cookies and setting up popcorn and beer in the living room to go with the pizzas she ordered for them. In the caption, Marina explains that she had previously cleaned the house, so she only needed to do a couple of things and make some snacks for the fellas. And in the comments section, she’s getting slammed for perpetuating old-school domestic roles.

Some critics shame Marina for doing too much and even accuse her husband of taking advantage:

“No no no, these are grown men,” one woman writes. “Use the time to go do something for yourself. OMG, I’m going to worry about you for years.”

Another asks, “Wow, women still do this?”

And a third shares, “I love that my generation won’t be raising their husbands.”

Some commenters focus on her husband, like one who writes, “And what did he do?”

But some were on Marina’s side, including one who posts, “Sometimes, when two people love each other, they do nice things for each other!”

A follow-up video shows Marina’s husband, Max, buying her flowers and treats and the couple addresses the backlash with a message for the haters. “You guys, it’s okay to have an open line of communication with your wife, and it’s definitely okay to be considerate of your spouse,” Max says. “There’s nothing wrong with doing things for each other and having each other’s back.”

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