Restaurant Staff Narrowly Escapes Tornado


Photo: Getty Images

Last Friday, a deadly tornado wreaked havoc on the small Mississippi delta town of Rolling Fork. Chuck's Dairy Bar owner Tracy Harden was working at her restaurant that day and when she got text messages from family telling her that the twister was heading their way, she yelled "cooler" and her husband started corralling all the employees into their walk-in refrigerator.

Once everyone was inside the cooler, Harden's husband got a glimpse of the roof getting torn off the restaurant just before he muscled the door closed. Employee Barbara Pinkins gets emotional recalling the terrifying moment. "By the time we got to the cooler, I couldn't hear anything but the ceiling falling," she says.

When the dust settled, there was nothing left of the restaurant, but thanks to Harden's quick thinking, none of her employees were injured. The community is still reeling from the near-total devastation of the tornado and they have a long road ahead to rebuild Rolling Fork, but the folks from Chuck's Dairy Bar know just how lucky they all are to be alive today.

Information on how you can help here.

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