Tenant Discovers Source Of Smelly Bathroom: Cigarette Butts

Cigarette butts in a public ashtray.

Photo: Getty Images

A woman in Australia solved the mystery of her gross-smelling shower and it just about took her breath away. Julia Lang-Malone was renting a home with her husband and children last year and was going crazy trying to find the source of an awful smell in the primary bathroom. Despite cleaning it over and over again, the smell stayed put until she finally discovered a stash of “thousands” of cigarette butts stuffed behind the shower frame panels.

(WARNING: brief salty language)

And apparently, it went even further than that. Lang-Malone told Yahoo News, "All the woodwork in the house was yellow, the toilet was stained yellow, there’s nicotine dripping down the walls. I’ve never seen anything like it. And there's cigarette burns in the carpet in the master bedroom." The most annoying part? Lang-Malone adds, “there‘s a balcony two steps from the ensuite, but they’ve got thousands of cigarettes in the bathroom.”

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