93 Year-old Grandma Gives All The Dating Tips On TikTok

Wrinkled face of elderly woman, smiling details

Photo: Getty Images

A 93-year-old Grandmother is viral on TikTok sharing dating advice. Lillian Droniak (@grandma_droniak) joined the social media site in 2019 and has 8.7 million followers, so when she posted a video of herself getting ready for her first date in 25 years, it got noticed quickly. Now she’s famous!

Lillian sat down with “Good Morning America” and talked about sharing dating advice and feeling like the grandmother of the internet. She says she’s been around a long time and knows plenty about how to navigate dating and understands young followers may be shy about it.

Droniak’s latest video, shared Friday is a hilarious one full of advice on how to avoid an ex. Her tips include meowing on the phone when they try to call you and telling them you can't talk because you're already on a date. Other gems from the video include blocking their number and hiding in public so they can't recognize you.

Lillian says posting makes her feel younger and "I feel like I've got all these grandchildren,” adding "they wish they had a grandma like me."

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