Noisy Butter Factory In Ohio Practically Driving People From Their Homes

Butter Manufacturing

Photo: Getty Images

Residents in a town in Ohio say they’re being driven crazy over a steady noise coming from the nearby Land O’Lakes butter factory. One person even told the local news station they sold their house to get away from the 24/7 buzzing sound. Jane Gwinn of Kent, Ohio described it saying it’s, “like a washing machine just constantly vroom, vroom, vroom.” Another woman admits it’s now impossible to sleep without earplugs.

As for what can be done about this major annoyance, one person said, “The city of Kent does have a noise ordinance, but they don’t seem to be enthusiastic about applying that ordinance to Land O’Lakes.” That’s when 19 News jumped into action to see what could be done. They called Kent City Councilman Robin Turner who said the butter company has hired a noise consultant to try to figure out where the noise is coming from. Residents aren’t buying this excuse, however, and say more houses could be up for sale because of the problem.

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