Grandmother Breaks Ankles Save Grandbaby From House Fire

House Fire

Photo: Getty Images

One afternoon last week, 52-year-old Jacqueline Roberts was at her family’s townhome in Hampton, Georgia, when a family member made her aware that the building was on fire. Her daughter grabbed Roberts’ granddaughter and grandson to evacuate the building, but five-year-old Autumn pulled away and ran back upstairs.

Roberts was still upstairs getting her ID and some other important belongings when she heard her daughter yell to grab Autumn on her way out of the house. By the time she found her though, the house was so full of smoke that the only way out was through a second story window, 15 feet above the ground. So Roberts grabbed her granddaughter by the wrists and lowered her down out the window as far as she could before dropping her. Roberts then jumped from the window, breaking both her ankles in the process.

The grandma was rushed to a nearby hospital where she underwent surgery on both her ankles and is now on the long road to recovery. While the family lost everything they own and Roberts says she’s in a lot of pain right now, she’s grateful that they all made it out alive and no one else was injured in the fire. "Broken bones can be fixed,” she says. “But you cannot come back from being dead."

The family has set up a crowdfund to help pay for medical expenses and to rebuild their life.

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