Family Photo Recovered Miles Away After Tornado

Tornado ripped apart home and trees outside Windsor, Colorado.

Photo: Getty Images

A family in Wynne, Arkansas, who lost numerous memories in a tornado, has had one of them returned thanks to social media. Melissa Morris and her family survived the March 31st tornado that tore through their tiny East Arkansas town by taking shelter in their bathroom, but when they emerged, they discovered their house was severely damaged and their shed was gone. The shed contained 20 years of memories, including photos of Morris raising her children.

The tornado scattered these memories across Wynne, but at least one photo made it all the way to the home of Jon Ellis in Bradford, Tennessee, more than 150 miles away. The photo was of a young woman in her Wynne volleyball uniform from 2012. Ellis and his wife decided to post the pic on social media to see if anyone recognized the person in it and to their surprise, they were quickly able to put a name with the face and reached out to Morris to return the precious memory.

Morris expressed her gratitude to Ellis, saying, "I can’t thank them enough. We’re lucky to be here, we’re lucky to have people around us to care enough… to do that... to go the extra mile." The picture will be sent to Morris' daughter in South Dakota, and Morris hopes social media will help her recover more memories.

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