UK Man Tries To Set Sleepless Record

man unshaven

Photo: Getty Images

A man who tried to beat the record for the longest consecutive time without sleep fell a little short of his goal. However, after 11 days without shut-eye, U.K. man Tony Wright may have achieved enlightenment. Wright claims this experiment allowed him to access a different part of his brain. Wright said in an interview following the sleep strike that if you can push through, “[the rational mind's] ability to stay in charge starts to break down as well, and that's where you can start to get glimpses of the other side of the brain, the other self."

Guinness no longer monitors this type of activity because it’s considered inherently dangerous. But if you’re wondering whose record is the one to beat, that would be Robert McDonald in 1986. His record was roughly 18 days, 21 hours, and 40 minutes. Ummmm…no thanks!

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