NYC Rolling Out Real Robocops

Cyberpunk concept, world of the future. Police officer in the dark, half-human, bionic cyborg holds his hand with a remote control from a bomb explosive. The stand looks into the camera in the dark. Science fiction scene, fantasy, science.

Photo: Getty Images

The NYPD is now enlisting robots to fight crime. Three new pieces of equipment are being rolled out by Mayor Eric Adams who says, “We cannot be afraid of [the technology].” Two of the robots have been dubbed “Digi-dogs” and look like four-legged animals that kinda resemble canines. They’ll be equipped with things like the ability to detect dangerous gases. The other robot is an egg-shaped bot that’s equipped with microphones, a 360-degree HD camera, as well as sonar and lidar sensors. The bots will cost $738,000.

A security robot, dubbed “snitchBOT” by the Philadelphia Inquirer, has already been introduced to various Lowes locations in Philly. And for anyone afraid of the machines taking over, one transit cop says, “No one is concerned about robots taking their jobs — we are thousands of cops short.”

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