WATCH: Colorado Doc Calls 8 Year-old Girls "Highest Form Of Humanity"

Doctor talking to girl and her mother in examination room

Photo: Getty Images

A Colorado-based pediatrician has taken to social media to heap praise on girls of a specific age. As a children’s doctor with more than 20 years of experience and a father of seven, Dr. Michael Milobsky is an expert on kids and he says after spending all day talking to and dealing with people of all ages, in his experience, “The highest form of humanity are eight-year-old girls.”

The doc took to Instagram to share a video explaining all the reasons girls this age are so amazing, describing them as “magnanimous, sympathetic, empathetic and emotionally mature.” “They love to help. They love to give. They love to do for others. They’re accepting of everybody,” Dr. Milobsky explains. “They’re the ones who see the sign for the lost cat and want to go find it.”

He describes them as “just the best people,” and then shares an idea proving his feelings. “In my opinion, Congress should be all eight-year-old girls,” Milobsky says. “Honestly, the country would be a better place.” His caption on the clip sums it all up: “If you want to know how to be the BEST kind of person, spend time with some eight-year-olds.”

Not to leave out eight-year-old boys, the doctor also says nice things about them in a follow-up post. Milobsky calls them the “Oceans Eleven” of childhood, explaining that “they will come together, pool talents, and figure out just about anything.” He describes their “intense collaboration” as their “superpower,” and suggests that eight-year-old boys could run the Army Corps of Engineers.

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