WATCH: Connecticut Easter Egg Hunt Crashed By Bears

Nursing Mother Black Bear

Photo: Getty Images

A Windsor family had an unexpected guest on Easter Sunday when two black bears came to join in on a backyard Easter egg hunt.

Jennifer Lopez and her husband saw a bear eating candy out of their Easter eggs. “All of a sudden, I hear shuffling or leaves, assuming it was the squirrels or chipmunks. However I was in for an awakening when I looked up and saw a mother bear with her cub. She worked her way to the eggs and started eating the chocolate,” Lopez told the news station.

A spokesperson for the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection in Connecticut said that bears’ having easy access to food can lead to bears becoming habituated, comfortable, and unafraid of people.

DEEP also stressed while it might be a person’s first instinct to take a photo or video of a nearby bear, the first priority should be safety.

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