Impatience Is A Virtue: Woman Skips Line, Wins $100K

Choosing Tickets From a Lottery Vending Machine

Photo: Getty Images

They say that patience is a virtue, but in a North Carolina woman’s case, being impatient led to a big win. Debra Ross was at a Charlotte Publix supermarket and wanted to buy a lotto scratch-off ticket, but she didn’t want to wait in the line at the service counter. So the 61-year-old network engineer decided to skip the line and grab the ticket from the lotto vending machine instead.

Ross was shocked when the $25 Spectacular Riches ticket she bought turned out to be a $100-thousand winner. About the timing of her lucky purchase last Friday, she says, "That was a good Friday on Good Friday."

Earlier this week, Ross collected her prize at North Carolina Lottery headquarters. After all the taxes, she took home over $70-thousand, and says, "I am very, very happy. Happy and smiling." She plans on using her winnings to pay some bills and put the remainder in savings.

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