Restaurant Owner Helps Teen Employee Get First Car

Portrait of happy teenage boy sitting in vintage car looking out of window

Photo: Getty Images

Carter Jensen from Wichita, Kansas, decided he wanted to buy a car. So the 17-year-old got a job at When Pigs Fly BBQ, saved his pennies and a few months later, he’d earned enough to buy a $2-thousand truck he found on Facebook. Despite the seller telling Carter the truck was in good running condition, 15 miles down the road it broke down.

Carter’s boss, owner of When Pigs Fly, Brian Choy, stepped in to help the heartbroken teen and after inspecting the truck, only had bad news. “I was just about on the verge of tears,” Carter says. “To see all that work put to pretty much nothing.” Choy couldn’t stand seeing a good kid like Carter taken advantage of, so he turned to social media to see if anyone had a cheap reliable car that they’d sell to the teen for a good price.

The post was shared more than 7-thousand times and got over 14-hundred comments from all over the world. A couple of days later, Choy posted an update. With support from the community, they were able to get Carter a new car. “Thank you all for the shares, thank you all for the donations, and thank you all for offering your services to this young man. We had people offer free cars, free mechanic work, free details, free alarm systems, free legal advice,” the post reads. “I know he is eternally thankful for each one of you!”

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