13 Year-Old Gets Stuck In Claw Machine

Close up of the doll claw machine of games arcade in shopping mall

Photo: Getty Images

It's happened again. The temptress that is the arcade claw machine has used her assortment of cheap, plush toys to seduce and swallow up another child.

\The latest episode occurred in the arcade at Carrowinds amusement park near Charlotte, North Carolina. Usually these stories are very similar. A toddler sees a toy he wants and very innocently climbs in to get it, but this one was a little different. A 13-year-old boy tried to climb in to steal a plush toy and got stuck. A medical response team unlocked the machine and the kid was able to climb out. He was briefly examined and then turned over to his parents. The park then notified him that he is banned from the park for one year for attempted theft.

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