This Couple's Third Date Lasted 79 Days

Smiling couple sharing piece of chocolate while on date

Photo: Getty Images

Back in February 2020, New Yorkers Matt Robertson and Khani Le met on Hinge and had a wonderful first date. Their second date kept the fun going at an axe throwing range and for their third date, they decided to go on an adventure together. What they had no way of knowing at the time was what a long, strange date it would be.

Matt and Khani flew to Costa Rica for a five-day vacation, arriving in the tropical paradise on March 17th, 2020. “You only live once,” he remembers saying to himself, “What’s the worst that could happen?” And for three days, it was non-stop fun of ziplining and cocktails at an all-inclusive resort, but the day before they were supposed to come home, their flights were canceled indefinitely because of the pandemic, so they were stranded there together

After 11 days, their resort shut down and the pair had to scramble to find Airbnb accommodations and their third date stretched into a 79-day stay in a foreign country. Matt and Khani eventually made it back to NYC in June 2020 and by that time, they were officially a couple and they’re still together today. Their story is being shared in a new Netflix documentary “Longest Third Date,” that’s out this week.

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