Philly Woman Heads Up "Compliment Squad"

Portrait of diverse crowd clapping

Photo: Getty Images

Celine McGee has made a habit of walking around Philadelphia offering compliments to people. The practice began after her father passed away when her family held a yard sale and invited people to stop by for a free compliment. McGee discovered the power and connections that simple compliments could create after a bunch of neighbors took her up on the offer.

So when she later moved to Philadelphia, she decided to print cards and continue the initiative with random individuals. Now McGee heads up a group she calls “the Compliment Squad,” and walks the city’s parks, especially Rittenhouse Square, and hands out compliments with no strings attached, aiming to spread kindness and encourage others to do the same.

After giving someone a compliment, she then gives them a card and urges them to pass the kindness on. McGee believes this simple act can warm people's hearts and bring joy to both herself and others.

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