Spilled Rice Causes Flight Delay

Tired air stewardess

Photo: Getty Images

Crew members on a Southwest Airlines flight let an in-flight meal cause a long delay in takeoff -- because that meal was spilled in an aisle by a passenger.

According to numerous witnesses, flight attendants flipped out over a pile of fried rice in the middle of an aisle and demanded that whoever spilled it clean up the mess. When no one came forward, tension on the Atlanta-to-Houston flight spiked. Passenger Jennifer Schaper tells WFAA "My seatmates and I sort of got the giggles because it was so surreal. It was just hilarious. So she looked at us really suspiciously and asked us again if we spilled the rice and we said, 'No ma’am, we did not.'"

Schaper said that, after about an hour on the tarmac, the flight attendant backed down a little. She said "So she cleans the rice, the entire time she’s telling all the passengers how nobody was raised right, and how disappointed she is in all of us."

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