Angry Old Man Blocks School Bus Full Of Kids

After hard day, young boy leans head on bus seat

Photo: Getty Images

A Georgia man was arrested and hit with an unusual charge of interfering with the operation of a public school after a bizarre incident involving a herd of cattle, a school bus, and a middle finger.

Police in Catoosa County say 55-year-old Roger O'Neal Barrett called them asking for help with traffic so that he could walk cattle across the road. But as he stopped a school bus full of kids, he saw a young girl inside give him and his wife the finger. Barrett wasn't happy about that, so he moved truck in the path of the bus and refused to move out of the way until he got the girl's name and address. The bus driver called 911, but before police could even get there, the parents of some of the kids showed up and were yelling an screaming at Barrett, and capturing the whole thing on video.

Once officers arrived, the bus was sent on its way and Barrett was arrested.

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