People Leave Weird Stuff Behind In Their Uber

Uber car waiting for customer

Photo: Getty Images

Every year, Uber issues its annual report of what passengers leave behind after a trip, and every year, that list is topped by things like clothing, phones, and wallets.

But some people take things to a whole new level of weirdness with the unique items they forget. This year's tally includes some real head-scratchers, like:

  • Danny DeVito Christmas ornament 
  • Ankle monitor
  • 16 ounces of fake blood
  • A pin with Jesus holding a slice of pizza
  • A remote-control vibrator
  • Two fingernails
  • Six cheesecakes
  • A pet toy poodle
  • A bidet
  • A unicycle
  • A slab of bluefin tuna for making sushi
  • A pregnancy test

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