TikTok Mom Says She Is "Snack Shamed" By Son's Preschool

Closeup of female hands preparing meat for lunch box on wooden background

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A mom of two took to TikTok to express her frustration over being “snack shamed” by her son’s preschool and that was only the beginning. In a video that’s since been made private, Megan shares that she sent a container of Pringles chips in her three-year-old’s lunch, but the empty pack came back with a note she calls “passive aggressive.” It reads, “Please help us make healthy choices at school.”

In the clip, Megan says she doesn’t label food using words like “healthy” and “unhealthy” because she says “that starts eating disorders.” She then posted a follow-up video, updating viewers in what’s now known as “Pringle Gate.” She says that when she dropped her son off at school, she saw his teacher and initiated a conversation and expressed how disappointed she was with the way they handled the situation.

But instead of apologizing or taking responsibility, the teacher said Megan was actually the one being passive-aggressive because when they first enrolled at the school, a note was sent home about packing “healthy” foods for kids. The mom says she got it, but she didn’t think she was packing unhealthy lunches at all. At the end of their talk, the teacher said the school no longer has a spot for her son in their summer program, which Megan says was “disrespectful and unsettling.” So she immediately unenrolled her son from the preschool.

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