Woman Arrested Trying To Smuggle 22 Snake Through Indian Airport

Group of water snakes (Homalopsidae) and their common name are water snakes, Indo-Australian water snakes, mud snakes, bockadam, ular air, and all are mildly venomous.

Photo: Getty Images

Talk about “snakes on a plane”! Customs officers in India have announced they caught a woman with 22 snakes in her checked baggage. The woman, who has not been named, arrived in India from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia recently with the intention of smuggling in one chameleon and 22 snakes of various sizes and species.

In a super slithery video, the snakes can be seen tucked away in see-through plastic bins while officials take some of them out to examine them. This kind of luggage has been a no-no since the Parliament of India enacted the Wildlife Protection Act in 1972, which protects various animals and plants from being smuggled. This isn’t a one-off either. Earlier this year at the same airport, someone attempted to smuggle in 3 tortoises, 8 corn snakes, three marmosets… and 45 ball pythons.

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