Paramedics Pronounce Living Man Dead, Get SOOOO Fired

Blurred view of ambulance driving at dusk

Photo: Getty Images

Two Florida EMTs have been given the boot after declaring a man dead…who was still very much alive. The paramedics showed up at a house in Clearwater on February 15th after Phebe Maxwell found her 66-year-old father, Thomas, on the floor. Maxwell says she started CPR and called 911 right away. However, she says fire medics Jacob Rivero and Sebastian Pickens showed up and told her to stop doing CPR. Maxwell responded, “No, I’m not going to, he’s not dead.” Clearwater Fire and Rescue Chief Scott Ehlers says Rivero and Pickens continued to pronounce Thomas dead, notified law enforcement, and went to another call.

Despite her father continuing to get healthier, Maxwell says her life has been in turmoil since the incident. “I had to call my family in Ohio and tell them that my dad was dead and then 10 minutes later, I had to call them back and tell them he’s not dead,” said Maxwell. Now the chief says the County will make recommendations regarding whether or not to revoke the now-fired medics’ licenses for good.

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