Ariana Grande Gets A Cameo On "Bupkis," Sort Of

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Photo: Getty Images

Pete Davidson's show “Bupkis” is a semi-autobiographical comedy, and it looks like the actor really is ok using certain past events as material for the show. Like, say, being engaged to Ariana Grande.

In the third episode of the show, he mentions his former flame Ariana Grande while freaking out over a photo of himself that's all over the internet. His mom, played by Edie Falco, warns his manager about getting engaged. "Do you want a song written about you? And the worst part is, I like the song, you know? It's like an earworm. It's got a very catchy hook.”

Ariana isn't the only ex mentioned in the show; his ex Carly Aquilino appears as herself in episode five. Pete's current rumored girlfriend and co-star, Chase Sui Wonders, also appears throughout the season.

BTW, if you haven't heard "Pete Davidson" the song, here it is!

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